Speculators grab land on Lapsset strip

Speculators grab land on Lapsset strip

Land speculators out to make a kill from Lamu Port South Sudan Ethiopia Transport ( Lapsset) corridor project have been identified as the ones behind land grabbing in Isiolo Central sub-county.

Governor Godana Doyo claimed the speculators, working in cahoots with officers from Lands Department and private surveyors, had grabbed hectares of public land, including parcels belonging to schools.

"Land grabbing in the county, especially in Central region, has reached new heights. We have now declared total war on this group. We will start with the staff at the Lands department before zeroing in on individuals and companies,'' said Mr Doyo.

"Apart from losing their job, any officer found colluding with speculators to grab public land will be dealt with according to the law," he added.

Doyo said the county government had already started pulling down fences that had been erected at Uhuru Primary School playground, allegedly grabbed by private developers. But part of the school land near Isiolo River that had been turned into farms is yet to be repossessed.

He was speaking at Wabera Primary School at the weekend when he met primary school heads in the county. He was accompanied by Director of Education Lucy Gachu and other county officials.


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